Fee for consultation by Hand Reading

 1) Consultation Fee

For the clients residing in India, the consultation fee is INR 500/-. For international clients residing outside India, the consultation fee is  USD 50 (or its equivalent in other currency).

 2) Predictions for major life activitie

Prediction would be given for the life activities covering

1) General Financial position 2) Employment changes (if any) 3) Business

Gains and Business Losses 4) Overseas Employment 5) The extent of Marital Conflicts / Misunderstanding with life partner 6) Extent of delay in getting married 7) Love [whether successful or failure], and a many more.  

Clients could ask specific questions like:

a) If they could borrow money and invest in business or if he / she would buy an asset on loan ? In both the cases, whether the repayment would be smooth or easy. b) If there is / would be any friction between husband and wife ? If so, What is the extent of strain / conflict between the couple ?  c) If he / she could go abroad ? d) If they would have short-term or long-term change in jobs / business or any abrupt change will come about in their careers ? and such other questions.                    

3) Remedies for the problems, if insisted upon by the client:

Remedies for specific problems, if any, will be prescribed for all the clients.

 4) Mode of Sending Consultation fee

The consultation fee should be sent in advance.

 ---à Payment could be sent through

Bank Draft, drawn in favour of "K.Venkatesan" payable at Chennai,

India, or,

Money order, or,

Money can be transferred through Internet Banking [NEFT]



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