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A very brief outline of what this book contains wont’ be out of place.

First, my respectable readers could as well ask themselves the following questions.

1) Which subject on earth [except palmistry, of course] can boast of throwing very advance intimation about one’s life in such minute details??

In every major event one’s “fate” plays a crucial hand? like for example

a) whether mr.x will re-pay loans obtained towards purchase of a flat/car/ business etc ? [People can be happy that they can be proud owners of assets]

    b) whether mr.x will lose huge amount of money or small amount of money in some ways?

   c)  How many jobs mr.x will change. Their durations??       

   d)  How long will mr.x stay abroad?   [Quite a happy news for some people, if they get advance information about their potential overseas employment]

    e)   Palmistry can reassure people in so many ways like -- whether mr.x will get another job if his present job is shaky? [so that he can get some relief]

            If he loses his present job and feels bitterly about it, he can rest assured that

            what all had to happen, happened as destined. Not need to fuzz about it. It

            can be proved from his palm lines that all that happened are the handiwork of his “fate” whose course he can not change.

            [It can also be proved from the lines on mr. X’s  palm that he will not lose

            money in his business if he were to do one.[ Palmistry is a very useful guide

            for all businessmen indeed!!! They can plan their investments with great


A great boon for all people in business community, student community and for those having career ambitions.

It can address many more such vital questions about one’s life. Comparison of both the palms is an indispensable part of the whole exercise of palm reading. Intricacies of fusion techniques, absorption techniques, hybrid line formations etc.

makes the study of palm lines not only a fascinating one but also one demanding razor-sharp observation.




I feel I have to place before the readers, though with a little embarrassment, at least

quite a few, out of many, of the old and traditional theories which were proved wrong by me in the course of my statistics cum logic oriented approach towards scientific research of palmistry.


1) OLD theory --If the head line bends down, it means –imaginative bent of mind


   NEW theory --If the head line bends down it indicates è financial strain felt, which may be due to a) re-payment of loan for some or many years, or giving away money on a regular basis out of duty or charitable bent of mind and such financial burdens.

2) OLD theory--If the head line is very straight, reaching upto the side of the palm under the mercury mount—practical mind =è DISPUTED

   NEW theory --If the head line is very straight, reaching upto the side of the palm under the mercury mount =è it means out-of-control expenditure, which includes regular loan re-payments; in the case of women, a very long and straight head line denotes 2 functions –a) the financial function b) uterus-related problem [such as caesarean delivery, removal of uterus etc.]

3) OLD theory--The even or uneven fork at the end region of the head line—both practical and imaginative bent of mind or indecision respectively or an indication of writer’s fork =è DISPUTED

   NEW theory –The so-called fork of the head line is a thoroughly misunderstood formation by almost all the authors of palmistry. It is actually a slanted sub-head line formed under the head line, attached to its end segment =è it indicates financial function. Whoever has such a slanted sub-head line will have loss of money through some wrong investments, or through give-away or lent money unrecoverable. It has another function (if the line is longer) è separation from life partner arising out of marriage failure or incompatibility (reasons may be many) Slanted sub-head line may reveal some more functions, as this line is multi-functional line.

Now, the readers can very well understand how this line was thoroughly misjudged by the authors( as forming part of the head line fork)!!!





Moles and spots mostly denote illnesses / diseases, depending upon their locations on the palm. Spots are generally small in size while a mole can vary in size, ranging from a flat mole of big, medium or small sizes to a raised mole of big, medium or small sizes.

There can be more than one mole on a palm. It could be found anywhere on the palm or fingers (front or back side) or both. If there is a sizable number of moles on the palm that tells of a serious accident to the native (in majority of such cases).

If a mole is big, then the function indicated by it is also a serious one.

Small moles are relatively less significant, but still they indicate a disease or a problem.

Mostly, the moles locate themselves in respective functional zones or near bouts.

Thus, intensification of the function is portrayed both by the function-reflecting line and the mole and other such formations.

For example in fig –3, mole no:3 is exactly located at the site( heart line segment under mercury-sun mount) which is meant for reflection of bone-related injury/ailment.

[On this segment, the mode of function indictor is through the breaking away of the heart line] Thus the act of “ breaking up of the heart line” at this zone and “the formation of a mole at the same site” go hand in hand to enhance the effect of bone-related injury.

Mole 8è on the head line ---caesarean delivery                             Mole 7è any infectious disease like T.B, malaria or jaundice          Mole 6è Also indicates any serious infectious disease  like typhoid, malaria etc. [relapsation is possible for a mole of such a big size]   Moles 2è E.N.T or EYE problems of serious nature                        Mole 4 è Premature death of life partner.                                   Mole 3è formed under break-away fragment of the heart line, denotes serious limb injury.                                                                       Moles 1è indicate struggle or slogging away or fighting a hard and lonely battle for survival.                                                         Mole 5è on the heart line under mercury-sun mount denotes marital discord[ as the mole is found near the spot where the “estrangement line is usually located]




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